“He is just your average technicolor smurfing genius white boy wordsmith who decided to become fluent in Japanese in his 30’s. There is only one Marc-Anthony Macon”

-Jeremy Mason McGraw

Marc-Anthony Macon is the son of a biochemist and a machinist sculptor. Drawing inspiration from the Dadaists, the American punk movement, street art, children’s art, science, and the sloppily sanitized commercial aesthetic of the 80s, Macon uses found paper and prints as springboards for 

and a whole mess of beautiful lunatics from history and today. A few artistic influences are Hannah Höch, Max Ernst, Matt Kish, T. Marie Nolan, “Weird Al” Yankovic, David Lynch, Jean-Michel Basquiat and, not gonna spew lies, Bob Ross. And my dad. Growing up he was always making sculptures of completely bizarre things out of toys, metal, wood, animal bones, flowers, and mirrors. My mom worked in a biochemistry lab, so I spent a lot of time there soaking in the clinical and goofy aesthetic of scientists.  I grew up in a very free, weird, and art-forward household.

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Awards and honors

Title of Shoden in Ikenobo Ikebana

Hirademae Level Urasenke Chado

Penny Award for Original Theatre

Lew Wasserman Award for Playwriting