Deities on Demand

Bespoke Gods, Sirens, and Fairies

summoned by Marc-Anthony Macon

All prints are glossy and will be stamped with either my egg or peacock feather inkan stamp.

$10 Summon a god (you get digital copies of 4 variants)

$20 8″ x 8″ print of any one god/siren/fairy/etc.

$25 Summon a god and get an 8″ x 8″ print of it

$30 8″ x 8″ prints of any two gods/sirens/etc.

$50 8″ x 8″ prints of any 5 gods

$100 12″ x 12″ canvas print

Vemno: @Marc-Anthony-Macon



Your summoner claims no responsibility for the actions gods may take or may compel you to take under their influence, and hereby absolves himself of any legal, physical, or spiritual accountability on behalf of aforementioned deities.